Security Services

The Canterwood Homeowners Association provides Security officers to monitor access to the community at the main gate as well as a roving patrol throughout our streets.
The mission of our Security officers is to maintain a high-profile presence to help deter would-be criminals to supplement our own individual home security measures. These unarmed officers not only attempt to act as a visual deterrent to crime, but they provide myriad other services to our community as well (see the Security Services Listing below).
True security, however, begins and ends with each of us as homeowners and residents of our community. It is up to us as individuals, and collectively, to lock our homes and vehicles, keep valuables out of sight, consider installing alarms, video monitoring devices and locking mailboxes, and to keep an eye out in our community for suspicious activity.
Canterwood was not designed or planned to be a “secure” community, but working together as neighbors we can continue to enjoy the sense of security we have become accustomed to and enjoy.
The Canterwood Security vehicle patrol frequently covers the entire Canterwood community, alert for any suspicious activity as well acting as a visible deterrent. The patrol officer is available to respond to calls from residents.
The Canterwood Security patrol vehicle contains a Lifepak CR Defibrillator. Canterwood Security staff are trained in CPR and the use of this device. This is an entirely automated device that, once activated, will automatically assess the condition of a person in cardiac arrest and apply the proper treatment.
‚ÄčIf you feel that you have a traffic issue such as speeding in your neighborhood, please contact the HOA office at (253) 851-6158 or and they will take the essential information. If your concern is speeding, Security may conduct radar enforcement at the location, either in person or by placing the speed display trailer. Violators will be sent notices of the infraction, and if repeated, the violators may be subject to fines.
If you have a concern with any other issues such as vandalism, disturbances, unleashed/barking dogs, etc., please contact Security at 253-851-8592 and advise them of the situation.
On request, Canterwood Security personnel can provide property checks for residents who are on vacation.  Security will conduct a foot patrol at the residence which includes looking for suspicious activity, possible break-ins, checking doors and window security, pick up newspapers and packages (with your permission) and report any outdoor maintenance issues to Canterwood’s Community Management team. Packages will be stored at the Canterwood HOA Office for safekeeping.  Security will send an email advising you that your package(s) have been stored and how to claim your property when you return. Click to print and complete the Vacation Check Form and send it to or bring to the Main gate guard station. 
Many homes in Canterwood have security alarm systems. In addition to notifying the local law enforcement agency when alarms are triggered, the company that monitors your security system can directly contact the Security officer on site. If you want to have your alarm company contact Canterwood Security, please advise them to call Canterwood Security directly at 253-851-8592 if the alarm is activated. The Security officer receiving the call will immediately respond, assess the situation and follow appropriate procedures.
Security is equipped with a portable battery jump starter that can be delivered for your use with jump-starting vehicles.
Canterwood Security officers will document violations of the HOA Rules and Regulations and report them to the HOA Community Management Team.
If you have any questions regarding these services, please call or contact the Canterwood Homeowner's Association Office at (253) 851-6158 Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (closed 12:00-1:00pm for lunch) or Canterwood Security at (253) 851-8592.