Gate Access

Canterwood has 2 systems for vehicle access through the security gates. 
GATE KEY is a visitor management system that pre-registers the guests of residents (whether temporary or permanent) so that access through the main guard gate is quick and efficient.
Resident access is currently achieved with RFID, a radio-frequency-identification system that tracks the vehicles given access when the gate is opened.  This is accomplished with a small “tag” that is affixed to passenger side head light and licensed to that specific vehicle.  When the vehicle approaches a Canterwood gate, an electronic mechanism will sense the tag and the gate will open.
Guest Registry (Gate Key)
The Gate Key visitor management system allows you to create a security profile and register visitors (permanent or scheduled). This provides assistance to the Security officer’s ability to process your visitors more quickly. You will be able to add, edit, and delete guest information, set up notifications for guest arrival, advise of important health information and emergency contacts, and even maintain a list of your pets.  You can access Gate Key from any computer or mobile device. 
Please contact the HOA Community Manager for additional information.