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Posted on May 6th, 2021

As part of our ongoing effort to improve security within Canterwood, the Board of Directors promised to upgrade our visitor management software by replacing dwellingLIVE. We are following through on that promise with the introduction of Gate Key.   With access via both web-based browser and smartphone app, we should all find Gate Key simple to use and far more versatile than dwellingLIVE.
While we had hoped to introduce Gate Key gradually and phase it in to give everyone a chance to get used to it, circumstances beyond our control have forced us to roll it out without the transition period we anticipated and hoped for. 
Registering permanent and temporary guests in Gate Key is a simple and efficient process.  If every household in the Canterwood Homeowners Association uses Gate Key to register our guests and email electronic passes to them, it will greatly enhance security within our community while speeding up the entry process for our guests at the main gate.
You have been mailed your individual login credentials for Gate Key. Please login right away to access and personalize your account. Gate Key offers too many features to fully describe here, but the letter provides links to tutorials and FAQs to get started and begin accessing its features.  Please note vehicle information cannot be edited by users. In anticipation of issuing RFID transponders this summer, only HOA office staff can edit vehicle information. In the event of difficulty with the website or app, please use the email address in the FAQs for support to receive prompt assistance with your account and profile.
Your Canterwood Board of Directors